Possibilities per Entry By Most Points

Sample 1999 Men's College Basketball Tournament

as of Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 07:27 PM

Tourney Trackerô 2002 - by MicroFest
Scoring for Each Correct Pick per Round:
1st: 1.00
2nd: 2.00
3rd: 4.00
4th: 8.00
5th: 16.00
6th: 16.00

Tiebreaker: Points Final Game - Both Teams
Payout Percentages: 1st- 70%; 2nd- 20%; 3rd- 10%;
Cost per Entry: 5
Total Pot: 300

NameTotal1st2nd3rdBest ScoreTeams to pull for:
Mike, C.61252412156Ohio State over Duke
Daniel, A.4723177151Ohio State over Temple
Crumpton, R.46231211152St. Johns over Duke
Gawarecki, E.3612024124St. Johns over Michigan St.
Pyles, J.319166134Ohio State over Duke
Harp, S.319166147Connecticut over Temple
Watson, L. #1271953134Ohio State over Kentucky
Prather, D. #120596147Connecticut over Duke
Watson, L. #2190316136Connecticut over Duke
Estill, S.16097117Kentucky over Ohio State
Hahn, A. #110064131Connecticut over Michigan St.
Best, B.10343135Ohio State over Duke
Greenwell, K.804478Gonzaga over Temple
King, K.7016115Kentucky over Connecticut
Scrivener, D.6015126Kentucky over Connecticut
Springer, B.6123128Connecticut over Duke
Frayser, R. #25023134Duke over Ohio State
Prather, D. #22002134Duke over Connecticut
Thomas, N.1001118Kentucky over Connecticut
Myers, L.0000101 
Parrish, K.0000117 
Phillips, A.0000132 
Odle, T. #2000083 
Walters, K.000077 
Odle, T. #1000070 
Taylor, T.000097 
Skees, F.0000132 
Rucker, S.000099 
Smith, D.000072 
Pinson, R.0000101 
Miller, M.000052 
Robinson, K.0000102 
Stacey, P.000056 
Robinson, L.0000129 
Alvey, D.0000114 
Lega, N. #1000096 
Lega, P.000072 
Elder, J. #10000126 
Elder, J. #20000127 
Feild, J.000083 
Forbes, J.0000114 
Crumpton, S.0000120 
Armar, N. #20000104 
Brown, C.000072 
Alvey, M.0000131 
Armar, N. #1000084 
Frayser, R. #10000100 
Hahn, A. #2000099 
Hahn, A. #30000129 
Lega, N. #2000085 
Lega, N. #3000093 
Lega, N. #40000110 
Klebba, K.000093 
Kennedy, R.0000105 
Jeannette, P.0000129 
Hahn, G.0000125 
Hahn, N.000078 
Holmes, D.000096 
McDonough, L.000094 
Wimsatt, M.0000123