Scoring Rules Summary

Sample 1999 Men's College Basketball Tournament

as of Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 07:19 PM

Tourney Trackerô 2002 - by MicroFest
Scoring for Each Correct Pick per Round:
1st: 1.00
2nd: 2.00
3rd: 4.00
4th: 8.00
5th: 16.00
6th: 16.00

Tiebreaker: Points Final Game - Both Teams
Payout Percentages: 1st- 70%; 2nd- 20%; 3rd- 10%;
Cost per Entry: 5
Total Pot: 300

TypeNamePoints / FactorMin-Max CorrectMin-Max SeedSeed Formula
AllAll 8-9 seed games2.00All  
AllThree of the semi-final teams5.003-3  
AllAll of the semi-final teams10.00All  
EachSemi-final team 5-seed or higher1.00 5-16Winner's Seed x Factor
Each1st round, 12-seed or higher.50 12-16Upsets Only - Difference in Seeds x Factor