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Scoring Rules Summary

Mens College Basketball Championship
as of Monday, January 31, 2005 at 07:54 AM
Tourney Tracker - by MicroFest
www.Tourney-Tracker.com - Don't forget the dash!
Scoring for Each Correct Pick per Round:
1st: 1.00
2nd: 2.00
3rd: 3.00
4th: 4.00
5th: 5.00
6th: 9.00

Tiebreaker: Points Final Game - Both Teams
Payout Percentages: 1st- 65%; 2nd- 25%; 3rd- 10%;
Cost per Entry: $5.00
Total Pot: $280.00

TypeNamePoints / FactorMin-Max CorrectMin-Max SeedUpset onlySeed Formula
AllAll 1st Round Kentucky Bracket5.00All   
AllAll 1st Round Stanford Bracket5.00All   
AllAll 1st Round Duke Bracket5.00All   
AllAll 1st Round St. Joe Bracket5.00All   
Each1st round upset pick1.00 1-16 Upsets Only - One point bonus x Factor
MostMost Upsets in 1st Round10.00 1-16Yes 

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