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Tourney Trackerô
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Tourney Trackerô
Automate your office pool with Tourney Trackerô!

Tourney Trackerô takes the drudgery out of running your office pool for college basketball and other tournaments.  Collect entries for your pool quickly and easily using our paper-based and/or web-based entry systems.  Let Tourney Trackerô do the math for you with the most advanced scoring system available.  Create up to 10 different pool reports with a few clicks of the mouse and distribute them either by paper, by e-mail, or by posting them to our web-site. 

Tourney Trackerô runs on your own computer and requires you to run and publish reports using the program on your PC.  The power of your PC allows for sophisticated bonus scoring and "possibility" reports, computing as many as 32,000 scenarios and reporting accurate statistics regarding who still is in the running to collect tournament prizes.   Our Entry-Net feature allows you to publish your pool's reports directly to our web site for all of your pool participants to see with only a few clicks.

(Note that Entry-Net supports only one pool per type of tournament at a time per software license and requires yearly renewal.)

Buy Tourney Trackerô and use year after year as a standalone pool manager on your PC.  You only need to renew next year if you wish to use our web-based Entry-Net features.

Manage your college basketball pool with
Tourney Tracker!

Pro Football bracket download file now available

Look at all that you get for only $14.95!  Order now!
(Renew for only $9.95!)

Shop around... Compare... You get more with Tourney Trackerô!

Tourney Trackerô Features:                      
The most flexible scoring options available today!
- Straight round-based points
- Five different seed-based scoring options
- Advanced bonus scoring - works for virtually every scoring method for a pick-your-bracket style pool!
  Click here for more information on bonus scoring
Your choice of entry methods!
- Entry-Net web-based entry system*
- Quick key features for paper-based entries
- Spreadsheet-based entries
  Click here to get a template for spreadsheet entries.
Automated bracket and result downloads for multiple tournaments!
- Men's and Women's college tournament brackets
- Men's and Women's final 16 college tournament brackets
- Conference tournament brackets
American, ACC, Atlantic-10, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 10, SEC, WAC
- Pro basketball, football, hockey playoff brackets
  Click here to see a list of supported tournaments.  Automated downloads available without upgrade for 4 years from purchase.
Multiple options for distributing pool reports!
- Post report to our web-site's Entry-Net report viewer*
- Create HTML reports to post to your own web site
- Create spreadsheet or text files for e-mailing!
- Print reports to your local printer
No spam! 
- Pool participants do not need to provide e-mail addresses
- MicroFest does not sell or provide any e-mail addresses to outside firms
Accurately predict who's still in the running for a payout!


Computes over 32,000 possibilities once to the round of 16 to give a precise calculation of those entries still in the running!
Much, much more!  Click here for more information.

*Use of the Entry-Net functionality requires renewal fee to be paid each year.

The Entry-Net

- Enter picks!
- View reports!

Click here to begin!

Don't wait until the last minute to enter your picks!
Internet connections are unpredictable-- don't get shut out of your pool!  Enter early!


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Tourney Trackerô Tournament Bracket
Pool Management Software

All for the low price of $14.95!   Order now!
(Renew for only $9.95!)

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back within 30 days of purchase!  This will be our 14th year of quality service to our college basketball pool customers!


Click here to see a full explanation of features.


For a step-by-step summary of the pool manager's tasks for running a pool, click here.


Don't take our word for it!  Click here to download a FREE trial version!

...or click here to take a quick tour of Tourney Trackerô window functions!

Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 users
There are a couple of potential issues with running Tourney Tracker on Vista or Windows 7, 8, and 10.  Click here to see a more detailed explanation.

Click here to download the full Help documentation that comes with the product.  The download is in Adobe Acrobat format and approximately 770 KB.

If you need to download a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader software, click here (it's free).

Shop around, compare prices and functionality!

Tourney Trackerô is the most flexible college basketball pool management software available and will give you more for your money than those higher-priced products. 

Technical Requirements
Windows 95+ or later, 32 MB Ram, 10 MB disk space

Order now!  Only $14.95!


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