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Tourney Trackerô
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Tourney Trackerô Features

Compare these features with other products, many that sell for a higher price!
No other pool software offers you so much for so little.


No need for paper with the Entry-Net!

Save yourself hours of work by having your pool participants enter their picks through our Entry-Net pool entry feature. Picks are stored on the web and available for you to download with only a few simple clicks of the mouse!  This service offered free until Dec. 31, 2018 with your purchase. Renew the following year at a discounted price!
 Click here to try it out!

(Please note that the pool entry feature of the Entry-Net is available only for the supported national tournaments and can only be used for one pool per type of tournament at a time.
Click here for the list of supported tournaments.)

Input entries faster than with any other pool software!

If you still use paper entries, Tourney Trackerô's "drag & drop" entry system is fast and easy -- or if you're good with the number keys, the keyboard entry method is even faster!  Keying the picks for an entry in a 64-team tournament takes an average of less than 2 minutes by yourself, about 1 minute with an extra person dictating the picks, even less using the keyboard method.  Also, you can create a blank paper input form quickly and easily that shows all of your pools scoring parameters and rules!  Also, you can collect entries using your favorite spreadsheet program!  Click here if you wish to download a starter spreadsheet.

Download brackets and results from our web site in seconds!

All of the major tournament brackets and seeds can be downloaded within hours of the pairings announcement. Results are available the following morning for the college basketball tournaments.  Click here for a list of supported tournaments. 

Note that a purchased upgrade is required at least once every 4 years to qualify for downloading brackets and results.

Set your own parameters for running your pool!

Choose your own tiebreaker...Payouts can be set for first place only, or up to tenth place (plus a booby prize for last place!)...Hold back a certain percentage or dollar amount of the pot for your favorite charity!

Use Tourney Trackerô for MORE than just the College Basketball Tournament! 

For those who are out of the running after the first week of the national college basketball tournament, have a special pool for the Final 16!    Tourney Trackerô can also be used for any single-elimination tournament, such as NBA playoff series.   You can even use Tourney Trackerô to run a pool on the NFL or NHL playoff series, not to mention the FIFA World Cup!  The fun never ends with Tourney Trackerô!

Handles the most complex scoring options! 

You can set the number of points received for a correct pick in each round! Use a standard tiebreaker method or set up one of your own! Award the bold for picking upsets – give extra points based on the seed values of the teams in each match-up.  Scoring options are fully controllable, giving you the ability to award bonus points for upsets differently in each round and even by each game.  Bonus points can also be rewarded to those who pick groups of games correctly, such as a bonus for picking the winners of all of the games involving the 8 and 9 seeds or a bonus for the entry that has the most correct picks in the first round.  Pools can be run where picks are made "round-by-round." (Note: The Entry-Net is not available for round-by-round entry.)  With the new advanced bonus scoring capabilities, Tourney Trackerô can handle nearly every conceivable scoring structure.  Click here for a more detailed explanation on scoring options.

Predict potential winners accurately!

Once the tournament is down to 16 teams, Tourney Trackerô accurately predicts which entries are still in the running for a payout.  Don't be fooled by other products that merely predict the possible points for each entry.  Every possible scenario is analyzed so that you know exactly which entries are still in the running for prizes!

Use Tourney Trackerôís full array of reporting!

Tourney Trackerô has 10 standard reports packed full of information on your pool!  Report on the leaders of the tournament with one click. The Pool Analysis Report is full of statistics, such as which team is the pool "favorite" and how often "upsets" are predicted.  Much more!!!  Click here to view some sample reports.

Publish reports on our web-site!
 …or create reports to e-mail in a flash!

With a few clicks, you can send your reports to the Entry-Net Report Viewer, our web-based reporting tool which your friends can visit for free to check up on the pool standings!  (Please note that there is a limit for each report of 1000 entries and you may only post results on our site for one pool of each tournament type at a time.  Reports will remain on our site for at least one month.) This service is offered free through Dec. 31, 2018 with your purchase.   Click here to view sample pool reports.  ...If you prefer not to use the Entry-Net Report Viewer, you can create a file of all reports and a list of e-mail addresses in a snap. Attach the file to an e-mail and your work is done! 

Tourney Trash! 

Trash talkin' is welcome and even encouraged with your pool's own message board!  Tourney Trash allows those in your pool to add their say to the conversation in real-time fashion from the moment you set up your pool to the end of the tournament!


Scoring options:
Tourney Trackerô has the most flexible scoring capabilities available today.  Below is an explanation of the various types of scoring that is supported by the software.  Any combination of the scoring options listed below can be used, meaning that virtually any scoring strategy is supported.

Straight round-based points:  A set number of points, by round, awarded for each game picked correctly.

Seed-based scoring:  For each game picked correctly, points are calculated one of five different ways, based on the seeds of the teams in the game.  The rule can be varied by round.

Winnerís Seed x Point Value: The seed of the winning team is multiplied by the point value that you select.
For Each Upset, Points Added: This method gives a standard bonus, as specified by you, any time a lower seeded team defeats a higher seeded team.
Upsets Only Ė Winnerís Seed x Point Value: If a lower seed defeats a higher seed, then the winning teamís seed is multiplied by a point value that you select.
Upsets Only Ė Difference in Seeds x Point Value: If a lower seeded team defeats a higher seeded team, the difference between the seeds of the two teams is multiplied by the point value that you select.
Winnerís Seed divided by the Loserís Seed x Point Value: For all games picked correctly, the seed of the winning team is divided by the seed of the losing team. That result is multiplied by the seed factor and added to the points won for the game.

Advanced Bonus Scoring:

The bonus scoring feature of Tourney Tracker gives you, the pool manager, the ultimate flexibility for awarding points during your tournament. If the more straight-forward methods of assigning a point value per game and round-by-round seed-based bonuses are not sufficient for your pool traditions, the advance bonus feature can usually fill the gap.

The advance bonus scoring system allows you to give extra points for many different scenarios. Some examples are:

∑ Bonus points for picking the final four teams in the tournament correctly.
∑ Bonus points for picking all of the correct teams in one section of the bracket.
∑ Bonus points for picking all but one game in one section of the bracket.
∑ Bonus points for picking a seed higher than 10 to win a game in the first round.
∑ Bonus points for picking a seed higher than 8 to make it to the final four teams.
∑ Bonus points for picking all of the winners of the 8/9-seed matchups correctly.
∑ Bonus points for picking the most winners in the first round correctly.
∑ Bonus points for picking most upsets by seeds 12 and above in 2nd round.
∑ Many, many, many more possibilitiesÖ

There are three types of automated advanced bonuses that can be set up, as described below.  Any number of "bonus items" can be created for your pool.  For each bonus item created, you can choose exactly which games the bonus will apply to, giving you the ultimate in flexibility.

Each-type - Bonus for each game picked which fits criteria: With this type, you earn bonus points for picking the correct team in each game defined in the bonus that fits the defined criteria. For example, you can award 2 bonus points for correctly picking a team with a 12 seed or higher to win a second round game.

All-type - All (or certain number of games) must be picked correctly: With this type, in order to earn the bonus, the entry must have the correct pick in all of the games defined in the bonus. For example, you can award 10 bonus points for picking all of the final four teams. Another option is to award the points for getting a certain number of games correct out of those defined in the bonus. For example, you can award 5 bonus points for picking 3 out of 4 of the final four teams.

Most-type - Pick the most correct out of the selected games: With this type, bonus points are awarded only to those entries that pick the more correct games than any other entry for the selected games. For instance, you can award 10 points to the entry (or entries, if it is a tie) that has the most correct picks in the first round of the tournament.

And, finally, if all of this fails, you can set up a "Manual-type" of bonus.  With this type of bonus, you simply name the bonus something that will make sense to your pool participants and assign a point value. After defining this, you can go into the appropriate entries and assign how many times that entry has earned that bonus.

For a step-by-step summary of the pool manager's tasks for running a pool, click here.

Want to see a very detailed explanation of Tourney Trackerô?  You can download the actual Help document included with the software, which explains in detail how Tourney Trackerô works.  It may answer many of your specific questions.  Click here to download the document, which is in Adobe Acrobat format and approximately 770 KB.

If you need to download a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader software, click here (it's free).

Technical Requirements - Windows 95+ or later, 32 MB Ram, 10 MB disk space
Tourney Trackerô will work in a MAC environment running Virtual PC software.

Order now!  Only $14.95!

Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10 users
There are a couple of potential issues with running Tourney Tracker on Vista or Windows 7.  Click here to see a more detailed explanation.

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