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Tourney Trackerô
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Renew Tourney Trackerô for Entry-Net use

The renewals and upgrades are for current customers only.  You will want to have your Registration ID on hand prior to doing the re-install process.

Click here
for info

I own Tourney Tracker 2003 thru 2017 and wish to renew my license to use Entry-Net with Tourney Tracker for 2018 - price $9.95 Order Now

Click here
for info

I purchased Tourney Tracker after Dec 31st, 2017 with a 2018 license and wish to re-download the latest release of the software or have lost my download installation file and need to replace it  - free
Click here for info I purchased Tourney Tracker 2003 thru 2018 and wish to download my particular version of the software - free

If you are if you are unsure of your Registration Year or Registration ID, start up Tourney Tracker, go to Help / About Tourney Tracker.  Your Registration ID will be displayed and "Registration Year" will show "20xx.1", indicating the year through which you are registered.  Please do not confuse your Registration Version with the software version, which also shows on that window.

If you cannot locate your Registration ID from a previous year, click here to request that we re-send it to you.

Registration ID's for years other than those listed require a full purchase for the price of $9.95 in order to use the latest version of the software or the Entry-Net web-based features.  Order Now.

Vista and Windows 7, 8, and 10 users
There are a couple of potential issues with running Tourney Tracker on Vista and Windows 7, 8, and 10.  Click here to see a more detailed explanation.

Renewing Tourney Trackerô  for Entry-Net Use:

As an owner of Tourney Tracker purchased prior to the main tournament season in either 2003 thru 2016, you are entitled to renew your license and upgrade to the latest product release through the year 2018 for $9.95

If you own a 2018 or later Registration ID (purchased after December 31st, 2017), there is no need to purchase a renewal at this point in time, although you may wish to upgrade your software to the latest version for free (see the next section.)

Please have your 13-digit Registration ID available, as you need it to qualify for the upgrade price. 

When you purchase, you will receive a new purchase confirmation e-mail that contains a new 2018 Registration ID which you must enter into your system to make the software fully functional (Use the File / Register function).  We recommend that you re-download and reinstall the software from the download link in your purchase e-mail or from the download link in the section below to make sure you have the most up-to-date version.

Click here to continue the renewal process for $9.95 - The renewal process will include a link to download the latest maintenance version of the software.

Please Note!  When you install this year's version of Tourney Tracker on your PC, your old registration ID might still be on your system.  You need to go to File / Register, remove your 2017 ID and then enter the 2018 registration ID that you get in your renewal purchase e-mail.

If you need your Registration ID:  If Tourney Tracker is still installed on your PC, start it up and go to Help / About Tourney Tracker to find your 13-digit Registration ID.

If you cannot locate your Registration ID from a previous year, click here to request that we re-send it to you.

Follow the instructions below if you qualify for a free re-download:

First, for safety's sake, make a backup of your pool file.  It should be named with a .ptt at the end.  You can copy it to a different directory or back it up to diskette using File / Backup to Diskette.
Second, de-install your previous Tourney Trackerô program.
  • Make sure you have your Registration ID.   You can find out your Registration ID by starting Tourney Trackerô on your PC and clicking on the menu option Help / About Tourney Trackerô.  Your ID will show down in the bottom portion of the window.  (Note:  You may not actually need to re-enter your Registration ID during this process, but if there are problems, it is safest to have it in case your software is de-installed and you can no longer get to it.)

  • Click Start , then Settings, then Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs

  • Select Tourney Trackerô (for whichever version is installed on your system), and click on the  Add/Remove button.  Follow the instructions that come up on your PC to remove the software.

Third, download the latest version of Tourney Trackerô Click here to see which version is the latest.
TT Box Shot Box small.GIF (5777 bytes)   Click Here (approx. 3.2 meg)

If you are having trouble downloading this size file,
please click here for an alternative download method

Fourth, install the new Tourney Trackerô program:
  • At the WINDOWS desktop, Click START on the taskbar.
  • Click the RUN entry within the pop-up window.
  • Click the BROWSE button to locate the TourneyTrackerZip.exe file.
  • Click the OK button.
  • The WinZip Self-Extractor dialog box will appear, click the SETUP button.
  • The Tourney Trackerô setup screen will appear, Click the OK button.

  • Select a target installation directory.  The default target installation directory is C:\Program Files\Tourney-Tracker\. The BROWSE button gives you the option to select a different installation directory.

  • After the desired installation directory is selected, Click the INSTALLATION icon. (The icon is located in the upper left-hand corner.)

  • When the installation is complete, click the OK button.

WARNING:  Your system may have your old ID in its memory.  You must enter your new registration ID by going to File / Register and entering the 13-digit number that came with your order.

Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the installation.  

If you are having trouble with your upgrade, please contact us by clicking here.


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